gource 命令详解

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gource 命令安装:

gource 命令生成动画 Tree 效果图

-bash/zsh: gource: command not found

apt-get install gource

apt-get install gource

apk add gource

#Arch Linux
pacman -S gource

#Kali Linux
apt-get install gource

dnf install gource

brew install gource

apt-get install gource


docker run cmd.cat/gource gource

gource 命令补充说明:

gource 呈现 Git、SVN、Mercurial 和 Bazaar 存储库的动画树图。它显示了随着时间的推移创建、修改或删除的文件和文件夹。

Gource 将软件项目显示为以项目根目录为中心的动画树。 目录显示为分支,文件显示为叶子。 可以看到开发人员在他们为项目做出贡献的时候在树上工作。

Gource 包括对 Git、Mercurial、Bazaar 和 SVN 的内置日志生成支持。 Gource 还可以解析由多个第三方工具为 CVS 存储库生成的日志。

gource 命令语法:

gource [options] [path]

gource 命令选项:

-h, --help
            Help ('-H' for extended help).

            Set the viewport size. If -f is also supplied, will attempt to set
            the video mode to this also. Add ! to make the window non-resizable.

    --screen SCREEN
            Set the number of the screen to display on.

            Request a high DPI display when creating the window.

            On some platforms such as MacOS, the window resolution is specified in points instead of pixels.
            The --high-dpi flag may be required to access some higher resolutions.

            E.g. requesting a high DPI 800x600 window may produce a window that is 1600x1200 pixels.

    --window-position XxY
            Initial window position on your desktop which may be made up of
            multiple monitors.

            This will override the screen setting so don't specify both.

            Frameless window.

    -f, --fullscreen

    -w, --windowed

            Make the background transparent. Only really useful for screenshots.

    --start-date "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss +tz"
            Start with the first entry after the supplied date and optional time.

            If a time zone offset isn't specified the local time zone is used.

            Example accepted formats:

                "2012-06-30 12:00"
                "2012-06-30 12:00:00 +12"

    --stop-date "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss +tz"
            Stop after the last entry prior to the supplied date and optional time.

            Uses the same format as --start-date.

    -p, --start-position POSITION
            Begin at some position in the log (between 0.0 and 1.0 or 'random').

        --stop-position  POSITION
            Stop (exit) at some position in the log (does not work with STDIN).

    -t, --stop-at-time SECONDS
            Stop (exit) after a specified number of seconds.

            Stop (exit) at the end of the log / stream.

            Loop back to the start of the log when the end is reached.

            Seconds to delay before looping.

    -a, --auto-skip-seconds SECONDS
            Skip to next entry if nothing happens for a number of seconds.

    -s, --seconds-per-day SECONDS
            Speed of simulation in seconds per day.

            Realtime playback speed.

            Use the time of the last commit if the time of a commit is in the past.

    -c, --time-scale SCALE
            Change simulation time scale.

    -i, --file-idle-time SECONDS
            Time in seconds files remain idle before they are removed or 0
            for no limit.

        --file-idle-time-at-end SECONDS
            Time in seconds files remain idle at the end before they are

    -e, --elasticity FLOAT
            Elasticity of nodes.

    -b, --background-colour FFFFFF
            Background colour in hex.

    --background-image IMAGE
            Set a background image.

    --logo IMAGE
            Logo to display in the foreground.

    --logo-offset XxY
            Offset position of the logo.

    --title TITLE
            Set a title.

    --font-file FILE
            Specify the font. Should work with most font file formats supported by FreeType, such as TTF and OTF, among others.

    --font-scale SCALE
            Scale the size of all fonts.

    --font-size SIZE
            Font size used by the date and title.

    --file-font-size SIZE
            Font size of filenames.

    --dir-font-size SIZE
            Font size of directory names

    --user-font-size SIZE
            Font size of user names.

    --font-colour FFFFFF
            Font colour used by the date and title in hex.

            Show file extension key.

    --date-format FORMAT
            Specify display date string (strftime format).

    --log-command VCS
            Show the VCS log command used by gource (git,svn,hg,bzr,cvs2cl).

    --log-format VCS
            Specify the log format (git,svn,hg,bzr,cvs2cl,custom).

            Required when reading from STDIN.

            Get the git log of a branch other than the current one.

    --follow-user USER
            Have the camera automatically follow a particular user.

            Highlight the names of all directories.

    --highlight-user USER
            Highlight the names of a particular user.

            Highlight the names of all users.

    --highlight-colour FFFFFF
            Font colour for highlighted users in hex.

    --selection-colour FFFFFF
            Font colour for selected users and files.

    --filename-colour FFFFFF
            Font colour for filenames.

    --dir-colour FFFFFF
            Font colour for directories.

    --dir-name-depth DEPTH
            Draw names of directories down to a specific depth in the tree.

    --dir-name-position FLOAT
            Position along edge of the directory name
            (between 0.1 and 1.0, default is 0.5).

    --filename-time SECONDS
            Duration to keep filenames on screen (>= 2.0).

            Show filename extensions only.

            Use filename as extension if the extension is missing or empty.

    --file-filter REGEX
            Filter out file paths matching the specified regular expression.

    --file-show-filter REGEX
            Show only file paths matching the specified regular expression.

    --user-filter REGEX
            Filter usernames matching the specified regular expression.

    --user-show-filter REGEX
            Show only usernames matching the specified regular expression.

    --user-image-dir DIRECTORY
            Directory containing .jpg or .png images of users
            (eg "Full Name.png") to use as avatars.

    --default-user-image IMAGE
            Path of .jpg or .png to use as the default user image.

            Forces the size of the user image to remain fixed throughout.

            Colourize user images.

    --crop AXIS
            Crop view on an axis (vertical,horizontal).

    --padding FLOAT
            Camera view padding.

            Enable multi-sampling.

            Disable vsync.

    --bloom-multiplier FLOAT
            Adjust the amount of bloom.

    --bloom-intensity FLOAT
            Adjust the intensity of the bloom.

    --max-files NUMBER
            Set the maximum number of files or 0 for no limit.

            Excess files will be discarded.

    --max-file-lag SECONDS
            Max time files of a commit can take to appear.

            Use -1 for no limit.

    --max-user-speed UNITS
            Max speed users can travel per second.

    --user-friction SECONDS
            Time users take to come to a halt.

    --user-scale SCALE
            Change scale of user avatars.

    --camera-mode MODE
            Camera mode (overview,track).

            Disable automatic camera rotation.

            Disable keyboard and mouse input.

            Hide one or more display elements from the list below:

            bloom     - bloom effect
            date      - current date
            dirnames  - names of directories
            files     - file icons
            filenames - names of files
            mouse     - mouse cursor
            progress  - progress bar widget
            root      - root directory of tree
            tree      - animated tree structure
            users     - user avatars
            usernames - names of users

            Separate multiple elements with commas (eg "mouse,progress")

    --hash-seed SEED
            Change the seed of hash function.

    --caption-file FILE
            Caption file (see Caption Log Format).

    --caption-size SIZE
            Caption size.

    --caption-colour FFFFFF
            Caption colour in hex.

    --caption-duration SECONDS
            Caption duration.

    --caption-offset X
            Caption horizontal offset (0 to centre captions).

    -o, --output-ppm-stream FILE
            Output a PPM image stream to a file ('-' for STDOUT).

            This will automatically hide the progress bar initially and
            enable 'stop-at-end' unless other behaviour is specified.

    -r, --output-framerate FPS
            Framerate of output (25,30,60). Used with --output-ppm-stream.

    --output-custom-log FILE
            Output a custom format log file ('-' for STDOUT).

    --load-config CONFIG_FILE
            Load a gource conf file.

    --save-config CONFIG_FILE
            Save a gource conf file with the current options.

    --path PATH

    path    Either a supported version control directory, a pre-generated log
            file (see log commands or the custom log format), a Gource conf
            file or '-' to read STDIN.

            If path is omitted, gource will attempt to read a log from the
            current directory.

gource 命令实例:

在一个目录中运行 gource(如果它不是存储库的根目录,则从那里查找根目录):

gource path/to/repository

在当前目录中运行 gource,使用自定义输出分辨率:

gource -widthxheight

gource 命令为动画设置自定义时间刻度:

gource -c time_scale_multiplier

gource 命令设置动画中每天的时长(如果提供,这与 -c 结合使用):

gource -s seconds

gource 命令设置全屏模式和自定义背景颜色:

gource -f -b hex_color_code

gource 命令为动画设置标题:

gource --title title

Gource 扩展阅读:

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